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The high mobility of humanity due to migration movements, combined with the ageing of the population, leads to more and more elderly people residing abroad. In some cases, these people have no family network and are therefore particularly vulnerable to social, economic and medical problems.

In these circumstances, they often consider returning to their country of origin, even if some of these people no longer have any ties left there. This is true for both foreign persons living in Switzerland and Swiss citizens living abroad.

ISS Switzerland can intervene by contacting the responsible authorities and/or social services in order to organise a transfer that respects the interests of the persons concerned and helps them in the best possible way.

If beneficiaries are under legal guardianship, our intervention is carried out in accordance with the Hague Convention of 13 January 2000 on the International Protection of Adults (HCCH 2000) to arrange their care and return.* Without guardianship and for countries that have not signed the Convention, ISS Switzerland intervenes individually to help people in need, with the support of our network in over 120 countries.

*As of 2021, only 13 countries have ratified the Convention.

Our services
  • Protection measure transfers
  • Assistance with reintegration in the country of origin or return to Switzerland
  • Social assessments